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The Laughing Corpse (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 2)

The Laughing Corpse  - Laurell K. Hamilton This book is MUCH more gruesome than the first. Anita is trying to find out who or what is killing/eating entire familes. She thinks that a very powerful voodoo pristess could be behind the creation of this monster/zombie- Dominga, but has no proof. She is also asked to raise a >300yo corpse for 1million dollars but refuses as this would require human sacrafice. John Claude is still after her to become his human servant and she continues to refuse. A fellow animator is killed- Peter Blake and she agrees to help his brother- John, because she suppects him as a possible suspect in creating the killer monster. When they are looking at Peter's things they find a voodoo item that was created by Dominga and it craws to her. She is taken in by the police but then released. Anita figues out that the monster is hiding in the neighboorhood and they stake out the area and wait until dark. The zombie/animator is found and starts running. He is very powerful and almost kills Anita, but she wounds him and the exterminators kill him. When she gets home she is kidnapped and taken back to the house and asked to raise the zombie for 1 million dollars. She refuses and Dominga appears to compell her to do it. A cripled woman, Wanda, tries to help Anita escape but the compulsion pulls her to Dominga. She bends the compulsion and kills 2 bodyguards instead of Wanda and then raises the zombies and they kill Dominga and Harold. John claude sees the entire thing but does not help.