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Wicked Lovely

Wicked Lovely - Melissa Marr Ash is a 17 yo who can see fairies. She notices that a particular fairy is following her - the summer king. Dorina is his previous conquest who he is actually still in love with but she was turned into the ice girl when she took the staff- but was not the one to become summer queen. His mother is the ice queen and she does not want Ash to become summer queen or she will loose her power over her son. Seth is Ash's boyfriend and he helps her as she tries to figure out what to do. Finally she realizes that she must become summer queen and she takes the staff. The Ice queen tries to kill Doria and Seth but Ash and the summer king kill the Ice queen and save Doria and seth. Ash gets to stay with Seth even though she is Summer Queen and Dorina and the summer king are finally able to be together as she takes over as Ice Queen.